% IPD in adults 19–64 years caused byserotypes included in PNEUMOVAX 23IPD cases (%)100608040200~72%% IPD in adults ≥65 years caused byserotypes included in PNEUMOVAX 23IPD cases (%)100608040200~57%SerotypeEstimated contribution to IPD (%)a14%10%6%12%8%4%2%0%383435F417F7F10A7C3119F2015Bb6C11A23B16F819A33F15A12F35B9N23A22F31. 10 serotypes causing IPD in US adults aged ≥65 years, 2018IPD cases per 100,0004.

Impact of Serotypes on Invasive Pneumococcal Disease

Polysaccharide Capsule:
Primary Virulence Factor1–5

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IgA=immunoglobulin A; Ply=pneumolysin.

Serotypes Responsible for Majority of
Pneumococcal Disease1–8


There are approximately 100 known pneumococcal serotypes.2 However, most pneumococcal disease worldwide is caused
by certain serotypes (highlighted here).3–7

Study designs vary; data cannot be used to form conclusions about the global burden of disease.

Serotypes Responsible for
Burden of Pneumococcal Disease1–8